Love Coupon Creator
by Dave

The Love Coupon Creator was my first attempt at a love coupon solution, and while I'm now creating customizable love coupons in Acrobat pdf format, it's still a great tool for quickly making up a few custom ones with the border of your choice. Up to 6 coupons can be created at a time by entering text into the fields below, and borders are chosen using the radio buttons at the bottom. Borders can be viewed by submitting or clicking the Border Style link to pull up a sample page.

After entering your text, selecting a border, and clicking the Submit button, a page of coupons will come up in your browser window. If the layout's good then click File -> Print to output the coupons, or the Back button to return to the previous page and modify your text and/or borders.

You may also want to just print up blank coupons and fill-in the prizes by hand. This can be done by deleting the text from all form fields, clicking the Submit button with the border of your choice, and printing out blank coupons.

Love Coupon Creator

Use Our Ideas or Create your Own! Add up to 6 coupons at a time (no special characters) or leave the fields blank if you just want to print the border and fill them in by hand!

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