Color It In! Love Coupons
by Dave

When I was finishing up the Colors of Love coupons I got to thinking about color and doing a set of black & white drawings that you could color-in however you want. I already had the idea for coupons with "I Love You" spelled out in different languages, so I put the two together and ended up with this collection. All you have to do is print out the pdf, grab a box of crayons, and get creative! Btw, if you're wondering who the character is, that's my favorite frog, Frank, who co-starred in a series of scratch off cards. The coupons have the following themes:

England (Big Ben): I Love You!
China (Great Wall): Wo Ai Ni!
France (Eiffel Tower): Je T'aime!
Egypt (Pyramids): Ana Bahhebak!
Mexico (Bull Fight): Te Quiero!
Italy (Colosseum): Ti Amo!

Another fun thought is for you to write out the coupon prizes in the language of that design and let your partner find the translation online (tho this might not work so well for Chinese). The printable pdf has a few sample ideas entered into the fields but remember that all coupons can display whichever gifts you like by filling in the editable fields in the pdf (click Love Coupon Ideas for suggestions).

I Love You Coupon in English
I Love You Coupon in Chinese
I Love You Coupon in French
I Love You Coupon in Egyptian
I Love You Coupon in Spanish
I Love You Coupon in Italian

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