Colors of Love Coupons
by Dave

This is a series of 10 love coupon designs that I put together after doing the elemental ones. They have the same basic idea, each coupon has a color and you choose a gift that matches up with it in some way. For example, you may decide to use yellow for a candlelit dinner or banana split. Have fun with your imagination because these can be related in all sorts of ways. Here are a few that came to mind for me:

Lobster dinner, strawberries in bed, strawberry ice cream, raspberry cheesecake, spicy food, cuddling next to a fire, kisses, red wine and music, or something with red lingerie.

Blue is cold, so any ice cream, frozen dessert, or cold meal. It's also a wet color so try swimming, hot tubbing, a picnic under the blue sky, picnic at the ocean, creative use of ice cubes, go out for a drink.

Sushi, margaritas, golf any time they want, feed them grapes while they relax and listen to music (the Caesar), mow the lawn, or help them with the garden. Green's also a soothing color so any massage or a day at the spa would work too.

Banana split, wake up and see the sunrise, dinner by candlelight, candlelit bath, creative use of honey.

Kisses, manicure or pedicure, or something like a strawberry milkshake. It's also a pretty good color for sex coupons.

Chocolatey desserts, clean the dirt off their car or windows, help them clean the house, take them out for a dark beer, make homemade brownies, creative use of chocolate sauce.

Moonlit walk, the Caesar with red grapes. Purple's a royal color so you could also let them be king or queen for a night.

Stargazing, their choice of movie in a dark theater, skinny dipping, buy or model black lingerie.

Some kind of vanilla dessert, white wine by the fire, bubble bath for 2, creative use of whipped cream.

Sunset picnic, cuddle next to a fire, body painting, creative use of orange Jell-O.

The printable Acrobat file has a few sample ideas entered into the coupons but remember that all coupons can display whichever gifts you like by filling in the editable fields in the pdf (click Love Coupon Ideas for suggestions).

Yellow Love Coupon
Blue Love Coupon
Pink Love Coupon
Green Love Coupon
Purple  Love Coupon
Red Love Coupon
White  Love Coupon
Black  Love Coupon
Brown Love Coupon
Orange Love Coupon

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