Elemental Love Coupons
by Dave

This is a series of 4 love coupon designs along with a cover. The coupons each represent one of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and can be customized for whichever gifts you want to give. The idea is to give things relating to the element, however loosely. For example, I might give a hot oil massage for Fire or rocky road ice cream for Earth. Here are some ideas for each of the elements:

Chocolate desserts like rocky road, Ben & Jerry's Mud Pie or Dublin Mud, chocolate chunk cake, or rock candy. Clean their dirty car, do yard work, or other cleaning chores they hate. Take them out for a mudslide (drink) or go rock climbing anytime they want. You could also say "Anything on your dirty mind" for intimate things or try out some chocolate sauce in the bedroom.

Outside stuff like a moonlit walk, sunset picnic, or stargazing on their favorite hilltop. Light desserts such as vanilla ice cream or angel's food cake. Maybe a bubble bath?

Spicy food, devil's food cake, or bake their favorite cookies, brownies, or other sweets together. Cuddle next to a fire or have a candlelit dinner. Hot oil massage, kissing, and just about any sex-related stuff you can think of.

Swimming at their favorite spot, snorkeling, or surfing whenever they want. Take them out for a drink at a bar or a big milkshake. Go hot tubbing, share a bath, shower, or go skinny dipping.

Those are just a few ideas that came to mind, I'm sure you'll think of a bunch more creative ones on your own. The printable Acrobat file has a few sample ideas entered into the coupons but remember that all coupons can display whichever gifts you like by filling in the editable fields in the pdf (click Love Coupon Ideas for suggestions).
Earth Love Coupon
Air Love Coupon
Fire Love Coupon
Water Love Coupon

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