Jessica Rabbit Love Coupons
by Dave

I decided to design a set of love coupons paying tribute to one of the sexiest toons out there - Jessica Rabbit. These are perfect for people who want to give coupons with a little more of a romantic or sexual flavor because, let's face it, Jessica's pretty hot.

The one thing I regret about this set is that I wasn't able to find cleaner images of her but with a coupon size of only 5" x 3" the final product looks pretty good. Plus, I noticed that the animators blurred her in many shots to give that old-school sexy look so let's just say that any fuzziness is by design.

As with all of our love coupons, you enter the prizes by typing them into the light blue form fields in the acrobat file (right click and Save As to download) and if you need inspiration, see our love coupon ideas page. Here are the designs.
Love Coupon with Jessica Rabbit showing her shoulders
Jessica Rabbit from the side on this Love Coupon
Love Coupon with Jessica Rabbit giving a sexy look
Jessica Rabbit with her hands up on this Love Coupon
A shot of Jessica Rabbit's body on this Love Coupon
Love Coupon with Jessica Rabbit waiting for a kiss
It occurred to me that I was offering coupons but with no option for people to give them in a nice way, so I did a little more work on this one. I included a cutout that will fit the love coupons perfectly and an idea about how to finish the look with a ribbon.

First, let's talk about the coupons. They look much, much better on glossy paper so what I did was put the acrobat file on a flash drive (after filling in the prizes) and took it to my local Fedex Kinko's. They have heavy gloss photo paper that goes through their color copiers beautifully and I was also able to pick up a piece of red cardstock for $0.20. All told it was only $1.80 to print the two pages of coupons onto photo paper and buy a sheet of cardstock. If you have photo paper for your inkjet already, then you may want to try that, but the copy shop was quick and easy for me.
Jessica Rabbit Love Coupons
It's tough to see the shine on the coupons above but trust me, it does make them quite a bit nicer plus the heavier paper feels better than the regular stuff. I also thought about trying them on transparencies, kind of like a piece of film, but didn't get around to that one. If someone tries and it looks good, take a photo and let me know.

Ok, after printing the coupons and cutting them out along the thin dotted borders, you can quickly make a custom envelope by using the cutout included on the last page of the acrobat file. Print it onto that red cardstock you picked up and then cut it out. Note that the dotted lines on the side flaps don't reach the edges of the page due to the margins, but keep cutting to the edges anyway. Using a ruler or other straight edge, fold the bottom flap up (labeled 1) and then apply glue or some tape to the side flaps (labeled 2) before folding them onto #1. The following photo is what mine looked like when unfolded. You'll notice there aren't numbers on the flaps, that's because you're looking at an earlier version. Prototype baby!
Custom envelope for Jessica Rabbit Love Coupons
Then I added the final touch with about 4 ft. of ribbon tied in a bow and there you have it, a customizable set of romantic love coupons for just a few bucks.
Jessica Rabbit Love Coupons wrapped up in a bow.

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