Coupons for Kissing
by Dave

I thought kissing coupons would be fun but I couldn't figure out a way to make them customizeable because they have descriptions and, well, you wouldn't know which ones to write. So these all have fixed kisses but should be fun nonetheless. The kisses are:

Neck: 3 minutes of kissing on the neck
Flavored Mystery: Pick up candy from the store, french kiss each other and try to guess the flavors
Back: 3 minutes of kissing your partner's back
Sliding: Slide your lips and kiss your way from their ankle to neck
Belly: 3 minutes of kissing all over their belly
Ice: Pass ice between your mouths while French kissing
Spiderman: Just like the movie, your heads are facing opposite directions and you kiss. Easiest when one partner lies down or sits in chair with head tilted back
Shocking: Move around on the carpet until you get a static electricity build-up, then kiss. Fun in dark rooms.

To print them out, download the Acrobat file and if you're in the mood for more kissing try the 43 Kisses date idea!

Kiss the Neck Coupon
Flavored Kiss Coupon
Coupon for Kisses on the Back
Sliding Kiss Coupons
Coupon for Belly Kisses
Ice Kisses Coupon
Spiderman Kiss Coupon
Shocking Kiss Coupons

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