Scribbles Love Coupons
by Dave

I was feeling a little minimalist with this set of 8 love coupons. Each has a title reversed against a different scribble and there should be enough space on the left for binding. I used the same basic examples as for the photo collage:

"Kis" (flavored kisses, 5 minutes of kissing)
"Romants" (moonlight walk, cuddle by a fire, sunset picnic)
"Tutch" (back rub, full body massage)
"Relacts" (treat them to a movie or video of their choice)
"Sweete" (take them out for ice cream or make chocolate)
"Whet" (take a candlelit bath or jacuzzi, go skinny dipping)
"Sects" (do it wherever or however they want - the all-purpose sex coupon!)
"Advenchur" (try whipped cream, blindfold)

The printable Acrobat file has a few sample ideas entered into the coupons but remember that all coupons can display whichever gifts you like by filling in the editable fields in the pdf (click Love Coupon Ideas for suggestions).
Romantic Kissing Coupon
Romantic Coupons
Massage Coupons
Relaxing Love Coupons
Sweet Love Coupons
Wet Love Coupons
Sex Coupons
Anything Goes Love Coupons

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