'Search for Love' Coupons
by Dave

If your sweetie likes word searches then they're going to LOVE this coupon. It's basically a word search but the twist is that they'll be searching for the words you entered in order to figure out what their prize is going to be. For example, you could hide 'ONE CANDLELIT FULL BODY MASSAGE' or 'ONE CANDLELIT DINNER' or 'ONE MOVIE OF YOUR CHOICE' or 'ANY SUNDAE OF YOUR CHOICE' or whatever else you think of, and that includes the sexy things I know you're already brainstorming. After finding all the words, they reassemble them and voila! You deliver!

So this is how you do it. Open the pdf (up there to the right) and you'll find the little blue form fields are already filled-in with letters, which I think I've arranged to remove any random words that could mess up your coupon. At least the offensive ones. All you have to do is add your words into the boxes in either horizontal, vertical, reverse, or even diagonal rows, and print.

The only problem I forsee is if your words somehow create new random ones that confuse the receiver and make the gift ungettable, so take a minute to check out the neighboring letters around the words you enter.

The coupon measures about 7" x 5" and is pretty easy to cut out. As always, take a look at our love coupon ideas if you're having problems coming up with the right gift and have fun!

Search for Love Coupon

A Candlelit Full Body Massage!

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