Thought Balloons
by Dave


Your sweetie probably knows you're thinking all kinds of great thoughts about them, but they sure might like to hear it once in a while, don'tcha think?

So why not use a creative way to tell them exactly how you feel – with Thought Balloons! Write down a bunch of your favorite happy thoughts about them on little pieces of paper. These could be the cute way they always tuck their hair behind their left ear, how they look in a favorite t-shirt, or awesome memories like the first time you kissed and that camping trip to Yosemite. Little or big, write down the best ones.

Ok, now head off to the local party supply store to put your rolled-up happy thoughts inside soon-to-be-helium-infused balloons. And inflate. Good, now it's time to do the giving!

They'll probably be a little underwhelmed by your gift because, let's face it, unless it's a party, balloons aren't exactly awesome. So when they say "Oh look...balloons...these are much better than...(insert good gift here)..." hand them a little silver pin with a little red ribbon. Then sit back and watch the fun begin as they run around popping balloons and reading your favorite thoughts - about them!

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