Romantic Date Ideas

You Light Up My Life

Looking for a romantic surprise for your sweetie? With a few strands of fairy lights and some creativity you can give them a romantic evening at home in no time flat!

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Trail of Roses

This simple surprise will turn a normal date into a night she'll be talking about for years!

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43 Kisses

You're going to learn all about kissing on this date - new techniques, unusual kisses, and which ones get the two of you fired up! I guarantee you'll discover some likes and dislikes you never knew existed. Plus, can you think of anything you'd rather spend the afternoon practicing? (don't answer that)

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Stargazing Indoors

In the mood for romantic stargazing without the planning and travel necessary to do it outside? Don't worry, you can improvise and make your own night sky out of glow-in-the-dark stars! This date idea is perfect for couples who live in the city and can’t get out to the country, or those who just want to surprise their partner with a romantic way to spend the evening.

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If done right, stargazing can be an amazing date! Think about it, the scenery's beautiful, there's no one else around, and you're lying next to each other in the darkness, looking up at the sky. Mix in cuddling under a blanket and sipping wine or eating chocolate, and this might not be so bad after all.

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Rubs & Touches

43 Kisses turned out to be such a popular date idea that I decided to follow it up with one about touching. We all like to get touched, right? Well this date has you exploring and learning all the different ways your partner likes to be rubbed, touched, caressed, and fondled! (which may come in handy)

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A Dinner to Remember

When it comes to dating, memorable is good. Not the "Yeah, we had lobster" kind of memorable, but the "You wouldn't believe the amazing night I had!" kind of memorable. Think about it, what sounds more fun, eating pasta at Olive Garden or having a meal by candlelight on that dock over there to the left?

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Surprise Massage

This is a great idea for couples who are on fairly intimate terms, but probably not something you want to pull out on a second or third date. That is unless you don't want a third or fourth.

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Cozy Fire Under the Stars

Imagine cuddling with your date next to crackling fire while you roast marshmallows and chat under the open night sky. Afterward you might even take a moonlit walk along the beach - the potential for romance is mind-boggling!

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I Know You

Do you know your date? No, I mean do you really know them? Have you been paying attention? Have you picked up on their interests and tastes, their hopes and dreams? The things they’ve always wanted to do and the things they say they want to do but really don't? Do you remember the time they said "I've always thought that would be fun!" but never really got around to it? Well then this is your time

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Chinese Lantern Picnic

The idea for this date is to have a night time picnic in a secluded, romantic spot with the soft glow of Chinese paper lanterns and candlelight. This is one of those unique date ideas that, if done well, won’t ever be forgotten by your date.

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A Day at the Spa

Do you like to get wrapped, scrubbed, oiled, exfoliated, and massaged until you’re just a lump of oh-so-soft flesh? Then read on, because this date is for you!

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Watch the Moonrise

What could be better than enjoying a romantic sunset with your date? How about sitting together in the dark, just the two of you, and watching a full moon come up over the horizon? They're both great date ideas, but if done properly, a moonrise may have the edge because of its originality and the fact that, well, you're alone in the dark right?

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Romantic Puzzle

Instead of doing a generic puzzle of the ocean or a landscape, why not put together one of you and your date? You can easily have a custom puzzle made in a variety of sizes and piece counts - all you need is a digital photo with decent resolution.

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy dates back thousands of years to a time when Indian Yogis used the practice to balance the body's energy. Whether or not you believe in the power of hot stones to heal the body and balance energy, warm stones definitely help push relaxation deeper into the muscles and feel great.

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Moonlight Cruise

Moonlight. Nature's aphrodisiac. Imagine gently drifting upon a glassy lake while you sip wine, eat chocolate, and enjoy the endless beauty of the night sky. Now what if you had a date there too? Pretty great, huh?

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Dance Under the Stars

An open night sky can make for an amazing dance hall, so why not take your date out to a secluded spot and have your own private dance under the stars? All you need is a good setting, some of your favorite songs, and you'll have a date they won't soon forget!

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Live Music for Two

This is the type of date that will score you all kinds of points with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, but should never be attempted on the first date, or even a second, third, or fourth date. Unless you want to appear insanely needy and drive your date away forever. Up to you.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Close your eyes and imagine soaring through the air, sipping champagne, and holding your date close as the sun sets in the distance. This doesn't have to be a dream, you can find it all on a balloon ride!

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City Lights

This is a simple date about finding a secluded spot with an amazing view of the city at night and having a picnic or dessert while you lay back, watch the city lights, and get to know each other.

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Quick Ideas for Romantic Dates

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  3. Watch the Sunset  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+98
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  13. Symphony  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+3
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  16. Opera  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-25
  17. Read Poetry  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-45

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