Celebrate Halloween the Role Play Way
by Kat Richter

Dressed up as a French maid for a little role playing fun
Halloween can be the perfect time to spice up your sex life. Between the parties, the decorations and the costume shops that seem to pop up in strip malls all across the country, there's an air of mystery, of mischief and of make believe. If you've always been curious about role play, why not plan an intimate costume party for two and give it a try?

Talk First

As noted in our Bondage for Beginners article, you need to talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies before you get started. Role play, like bondage, has certain connotations that may make your partner uncomfortable, especially if they're a bit more "vanilla" in their tastes. But role play doesn't have to be uncomfortable. In the right circumstances it can be fun, sexy and even full of passion in ways that you've never before experienced.

So initiate a conversation. You can be direct ("How do you feel about role play?") or subtle ("Have you been a good boy today?"). Pay attention to your partner's response and body language before proceeding and if they give you the green light, get ready for an evening full of new experiences.

Who Are You?

Role play is all about acting. Instead of being your usual self, you can be a doctor, a sexy nurse, a police officer, a school girl or a French maid. Thanks to Halloween, the possibilities are endless this time of year so while you're planning your costume, consider how it will work after the party when you and your partner head home to the bedroom.

In order for role play to work, you and your partner need to be clear on what roles you're going to play. Perhaps your costumes will make it obvious: you're the sexy nurse and he's the troublesome patient, or you're the vulnerable housewife and he's the hunky plumber, but if your fantasies require a bit more subtlety and nuance, talk about it beforehand. Maybe your partner doesn't want to be the troublesome patient to your sexy nurse, or maybe your hunky plumber is more interested in seducing the housewife than pretending to take her by force.

By taking the time to establish your characters beforehand using costumes, props, accessories and conversation, you'll avoid embarrassment later.

Make a Plan

Most actors are adept at both following a script and improvising. The same can be said of couples who engage in role play. We're not suggesting that you script your dialogue beforehand (or that you need to sign up for a sketch comedy class in order to start experimenting) but you should discuss a basic outline of the scenario you hope to enact, especially if this is your first time.

Take the time to talk to your partner about what each of you wants (to control or to be controlled? To create a romantic experience or to explore something a bit kinkier?) and while you're at it, be sure to define what each of you is and is not willing to do. You may be surprised by what you find.

A Few Suggestions

And now, for the fun part! Plan this year's Halloween costumes around the following scenarios:
  • Teacher /Student: One of you dresses as a school boy or girl while the other takes on the role of the teacher or headmaster/mistress. Once you find yourselves alone, "discover" that the student is failing his or her anatomy class and offer them some "extra help" after hours.
  • Slave/Master: Dress up as ancient Greeks or Romans for this variation on the usual bed sheet toga. You'll appear normal enough to your friends but when you get home, you can be sure to let your slave know who's boss. Or dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia (in her slave outfit, of course) for sex that's out of this world in more ways than one.
  • Plumber/ Housewife: Camp it up with this silly scenario. You can be a construction worker, plumber or even a TV repair man, and your partner can play the role of the lonely housewife, complete with stilettos, a pitcher of lemonade to reward you for all of your hard work and lots and lots of cleavage.
  • Photographer/Model: Channel your inner diva (or inner artist) for this one. One of you dresses up as your favorite celebrity while the other assumes the role of the Paparazzi. Ask your model to strip for a nude photo shoot once you get them alone.
  • Doctor/Patient: For the ultimate power play, explore the roles of doctor and patient. One of you dresses in scrubs while the other can play the part of the innocent victim, or you can add a spooky twist by turning the patient into a zombie or monster.

You can experiment with rescue scenarios, seduction scenarios, punishment/restraint scenarios or even law enforcement scenarios. Maybe you're a police officer and your partner must pleasure his or her way out of a speeding ticket, or maybe you're a fireman trying to rescue a helpless victim trapped in her bedroom. You can also play up the scare factor by "kidnapping" your partner or pretending to be a vampire, ghost or serial killer - just make sure you don't engage in anything truly frightening without your partner's consent.

Role play can be a great way to have more fun in bed if you do it correctly, so discuss your preferences and expectations with your partner beforehand and use Halloween as the perfect excuse to start enacting your favorite fantasies. You'll give your sex life a boost and you may even find yourself getting closer to your partner as a result.

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