How do you say 'I Love You'?
by Dave

Girl telling boy she loves him with heart on her hand
"I Love You!" So easy to say but powerful enough to change the course of our lives. Why not remind your partner how you feel by spelling it out for them in a different way each day this week? Email it, draw it on a steamy mirror or front yard walkway, or send your feelings via regular old mail. The way you say it doesn't matter really, just so long as you do.
  • A steamy note – while your partner's taking their morning shower, draw a big heart on the mirror with your initials in the middle (i.e. J+M) , or write a little not like "Cindy is cute." They'll love it.
  • Get sandy – live near the beach? Well then head over there! Draw a big "I Love You!" in the sand and email the photo to your guy or girl.
  • Say it loud – write "I Love You!" or your version of "Emily Loves Mike!" on a big piece of poster board and take a picture holding it above your head. Bonus for doing it in a recognizable or crowded spot.
  • Say it like a kid – get out the crayons and draw your feelings in full color! Try a stick figure scene of you two at your favorite spot with an "I Love You!" speech balloon.
  • Children's blocks – have access to a set of those kid's blocks with letters on em? Spell out "I Love You" and email the photo to your partner. Go the extra mile by working yourself into the picture.
  • Only for them – write "I Love You!" somewhere they can see it from the house, like on a tree or rock facing their bedroom window.
  • Sticks and stones – spell it out on any old surface such as a green lawn or other interesting surface with sticks, stones, or whatever!
  • Whack it – find an overgrown field and cut "I Love You" into it using weed whacker. Take your partner to see it from a nearby hilltop or snap a few photos from a tree.
  • Magnetic – make their day with a simple "I Love You" of magnets on the fridge.
  • Graffiti – buy some chalk and draw it out on the driveway, walkway, or sidewalk at your house.
That's a good start, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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