If I Were a Stranger...
by Dave

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Do you remember what first drew you to your partner? Maybe it was their hair, or smile, or just the way they looked in a pair of jeans. Why not write a little note this week to remind them what an amazingly attractive person they are? They already know you love them, so do it from a stranger's point of view, as if you're a random guy or girl stumbling across them for the very first time.

Something like "If I were a stranger, I couldn't help but notice you walking down the street in that blue dress you love so much. The graceful way you stroll through life without ever looking hurried. And then I'd see your eyes. Those amazing, brown eyes and how they sparkle mischievously when you smile..." You get the idea. Maybe end it with an "If I were a stranger passing you on the street, I'd have you on my mind all day."

Write out all the amazing things you'd notice about them and mail it off (no email here). Do it right and you might be on their mind all day.

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