Kidnapped by Love
by Dave

Blindfolded man being led by his date
The next time you're sitting around watching a regular old night of TV with your sweetie, get up, tell them to close their eyes, and slap on a blindfold. Then it's out to the car and you're off, taking so many twists and turns that their sense of direction goes Crazy! They may start to wonder whether you have something romantic planned or they didn't replace the toilet paper roll one time too many and this is the end. Tell them nothing about your plans! If their questions get annoying, just turn up the radio and keep right on driving.

"Where to?" you ask. Well, I'm thinking you could head down to the beach and have a bottle of wine, or eat dessert while you enjoy a view of the city skyline, or drink hot cocoa under an open sky while stargazing, or even take them out to their favorite dessert shop for coffee and pastry, or maybe something more active like mini golf or bowling, or (I could do this forever) head over to one of those ceramic shops and paint coffee mugs for each other, or take them to a local spa for a couples massage, or borrow a friend's place for an hour and give them the massage yourself!

The possibilities are endless really - the point is to break up the routine with a mysterious surprise for the person you love.

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