Red Light District
by Dave

Woman looking sexy in a red light district
*Content Alert. This is one of the more mature-themed/morally-ambiguous romantic ideas on the list and will certainly offend one of you out there. Maybe more than one. So, if you're easily offended, feel free to skip ahead to the next idea and continue your romantic reading. You're not missing a thing.

As for you dodgier types who stuck around, I probably don't have to explain what happens in a red light district. And for this idea you're going to put together a mini one in your bedroom. How does one go about constructing a red light district? Easy, pick up a red light bulb or two, throw on a skiimpy outfit, and voila! "Hey handsome, looking for a good time?"

Ahem. So the plan is that when your honey bunny comes over they'll walk into a newly-sexified bedroom replete with candles, soft music, you looking amazing (of course), a menu of your services, and $1,000 in Monopoly money.

The menu is a list of all the fun things they can buy with their $1,000 (hey, you're not cheap!). Think about stuff like:

  • 10-minute foot massage: $100
  • 30-minute full body massage: $300
  • Kissing them all over for 5 minutes: $100
  • Washing their hair: $150
  • Taking a bath together: $300
  • Creative use of ice cubes: $200
  • Body painting: $250

And then of course there's all of the naughty. Which we will not be getting into.

Will they buy 10 foot massages or blow it all on God-knows-what? You’ll find out!

If you need inspiration for the menu items, take a look at our love coupon ideas (scroll down to Intimate Encounters). Also, after writing this idea I realized that menus aren't easy to whip up so I put together a Pleasure Palace downloadable acrobat menu that you can save to your hard drive (right click -> Save As). Then open it up, overwrite the generic menu items in the light blue form fields with your own, delete the ones you don't want, and print. Done!

Romantic menu you can download and fill in for your date

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