Romantic Ideas

Flavored Mystery Kisses

A touch of peppermint or a dash of strawberry may take your kisses to a whole new level.

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Get Poetical

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you try this idea
Your sweetie will be true

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Row Your Boat

Take some time after work to enjoy the nice weather with a spin around the lake.

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Happy Anniversaries!

Anniversaries come in all shapes and sizes, why not make up a new one and celebrate it today?

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Or the Teddy Bear Gets It

Kidnappings can be a lot of fun when they end with a romantic surprise!

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Clean Something they Hate to Clean

Spending a few minutes to show that you want to make your partner's life a little better can be a pretty good use of time.

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Strawberries and Chocolate

Surprise your date with the sweet combination of chocolate and strawberries.

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Sunrise and Cocoa

Give your sweetie a new experience some morning by waking up early to enjoy the sunrise together.

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Share your Personal Soundtracks

We all have a personal soundtrack that we've built up throughout our lives, have fun sharing yours today.

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A Bowl of their Favorite Soup on a Cold Night

When it's chilly out, a bowl of nice hot soup can make the person you love feel amazing in so many ways.

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Hot Date Ideas logo Welcome to our big list of romantic ideas! These are all kinds of different romantic experiences you can have together but don't quite qualify as a date idea. Some are sexy, some are romantic, and others are just little gestures that say 'I Love You!'

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