Sports Date Ideas

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a great way to get outside and have fun playing around without the hefty greens fees, awkward bag of clubs, or frustration trying to hit a tiny ball. Everyone knows how to throw a Frisbee!

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Trap Shooting

You're thinking "Shooting guns on a date? You can't be serious!" Oh but I am, and you won't believe how much fun it is!

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Wakeboarding. Sliding across glassy water in the morning light and getting mad air while your date cheers you on from the boat. Sound fun? It is! Ok, well the 'mad air' thing is probably a bit much, but when you’re new to wakeboarding, even little hops can be a blast.

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Sailing Lessons

As with any lessons, this is a good way to learn something new together that you may want to pursue as a long-term hobby. At the very least it's a date idea that should score some points for creativity.

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Try Golf

This is a fun sports date that anyone can do to try golf without the frustration of getting out on the fairways and feeling like a complete spaz. You see, you don't actually have to book a tee time and play on the actual course to try golf, and you won't even need any equipment!

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Quick Ideas for Sports Dates

  1. Bowling  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+46
  2. Watch a Pro Sports Game  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+31
  3. Snowboarding or Skiing  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+27
  4. Tennis  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+21
  5. Basketball  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+21
  6. Archery (lesson)  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+21
  7. Surfing  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+16
  8. Badminton  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+16
  9. Batting Cage  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+15
  10. Fishing  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+8
  11. Ping Pong  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+7
  12. Raquetball  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+6
  13. Watch the Horse Races  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down+1
  14. Street Hockey  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-5
  15. Golf  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-11
  16. Watch an Auto Race  Move Idea Up Move Idea Down-21